Exploring NSW's Ghost Towns: A Historical Adventure

Exploring NSW's Ghost Towns: A Historical Adventure

New South Wales (NSW), known for its vibrant cities and breathtaking landscapes, also holds a hidden treasure trove of history in the form of ghost towns. These abandoned settlements provide a unique glimpse into the past, revealing stories of boom and bust, gold rushes, and thriving communities turned into eerie relics. Embark on a historical adventure as we explore some of the most fascinating ghost towns in NSW and the intriguing tales they have to tell.

1. Hill End - A Gold Rush Ghost Town

Location: Hill End, NSW

Nestled in the heart of the Bathurst region, Hill End was once a thriving gold rush town in the mid-1800s. Today, it stands frozen in time, offering visitors a glimpse into the Gold Rush era. Explore the preserved buildings, such as the Royal Hotel and the School of Arts, and walk the Golden Gully Loop, which takes you past old mine sites and historical landmarks.

2. Goulburn - The Abandoned Brewery

Location: Goulburn, NSW

Goulburn, known for its rich history, is home to an abandoned brewery that provides a haunting yet fascinating experience. The brewery, established in 1902, operated for over a century before closing its doors. Explore the dilapidated building, with its rusty machinery and crumbling walls, and imagine the days when it was a bustling hub of beer production.

3. Silverton - A Deserted Outback Town

Location: Silverton, NSW

Silverton, situated in the rugged Outback of NSW, was once a thriving mining town. Now, it's a ghost town with a unique charm. Visit the Silverton Hotel, famous for its appearances in movies and TV shows, and explore the quirky Silverton Gaol Museum. The town's eerie, wide-open spaces and decaying structures make for a surreal experience.

4. Yerranderie - The Isolated Silver Mining Town

Location: Yerranderie, NSW

Hidden away in the wilderness of the Yerranderie Regional Park, this ghost town was once a bustling silver mining settlement. Accessible via a long dirt road, Yerranderie boasts well-preserved buildings, including a schoolhouse, church, and post office. Take a guided tour or explore the town's remnants on your own, including the Silver Mine and the ghostly faces of the Silverton Tramway Company.

5. Kiandra - Birthplace of Australian Skiing

Location: Kiandra, NSW

Kiandra, situated in the Snowy Mountains, has a unique history as the birthplace of Australian skiing. In the 1800s, it was a gold rush town, but today it's a tranquil ghost town covered in snow during the winter months. Visit the Kiandra Courthouse Museum to learn about its rich history and the development of skiing in Australia.

6. Cook's Myalls - A Deserted Outpost

Location: Cook's Myalls, NSW

In the remote wilderness of outback NSW, you'll find the abandoned settlement of Cook's Myalls. Once a bustling coach stop on the Cobb & Co route, this ghost town is now an eerie testament to a bygone era. Explore the remains of old buildings and imagine the hardships faced by travelers and pioneers in this harsh environment.

7. Grafton - The Forgotten Wharf Town

Location: Grafton, NSW

Grafton, a charming town today, hides a historical gem along the banks of the Clarence River. Walk along the Old Grafton Wharf Precinct, where you'll discover the remains of jetties, warehouses, and wharves that once bustled with activity. Interpretive signage provides insights into the town's maritime past.

8. Wollombi - A Historic Village

Location: Wollombi, NSW

Wollombi is a quaint village with a rich history dating back to the early 19th century. Stroll through the streets lined with sandstone buildings, including the historic Wollombi Tavern and the Catholic Church. The eerie yet captivating atmosphere of this historic town makes it an ideal destination for history enthusiasts.

9. Kamarah - A Forgotten Railway Town

Location: Kamarah, NSW

Kamarah was once a thriving railway town along the Main South railway line. Today, it's a ghost town with abandoned railway tracks, rusting equipment, and empty buildings. Explore the remnants of the railway station and the eerie silence that has settled over this once-vibrant community.

10. The Entrance - The Forgotten Ruins

Location: The Entrance, NSW

At The Entrance on the Central Coast, you'll find the haunting remains of the Old Sydney Town theme park. This abandoned attraction was designed to recreate life in colonial-era Sydney. Now, its decaying structures and overgrown gardens provide a unique setting for urban exploration and photography.

11. Glen Davis - A Forgotten Shale Mining Town

Location: Glen Davis, NSW

Nestled in the Capertee Valley, Glen Davis was once a shale mining town. Today, the ruins of the mining infrastructure, workers' cottages, and a grand hotel stand as a testament to its industrial past. Explore the Glen Davis Shale Oil Works and immerse yourself in the town's historical ambiance.

12. Walhalla - A Relic of the Past

Location: Walhalla, NSW

Walhalla, although located in Victoria, is easily accessible from southern NSW and is worth the journey. This former gold mining town is nestled in a picturesque valley surrounded by forested hills. Explore the preserved buildings, take a ride on the historic Goldfields Railway, and learn about the town's rich mining history.


Exploring the ghost towns of New South Wales offers a captivating journey through time, allowing you to connect with the stories of pioneers, miners, and communities of the past. From the gold rush era to remote outposts and abandoned industrial towns, these ghost towns reveal the resilience and spirit of those who once called them home. While they may be deserted now, their history lives on, waiting to be discovered by those seeking a unique and haunting adventure in the heart of NSW's historical landscape.

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